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The Ultimate Resource Guide of Audio Tape Lists of The Police


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Welcome to Bootlegs, Bootlegs & More Bootlegs! This page is setup as a reference page. I have tried to gather some of the more important information about bootlegs and put it all in one place. I have been interested in bootlegs recordings since the mid-to-late 1980's. I have been interested in more than just the music or sound (even though that is the fun part of bootlegs); it is the way the recordings surface and survive.

I am pleased to serve up the following additional information via the World Wide Web:

  • Casette Labeler

    This is a great "online" j-card / insert / labeler that you can use to jazz up your cassettes.

  • The Trade - Web Site

    This site is maintained by Pete Whipple; it is a good way to finds bootlegs recordings on the internet.

  • The Trade 'Zine - A Bootleg Page

    This online 'zine is distributed by e-mail and is a good way to finds bootlegs recordings on the internet and is maintained by Jen Keltner.

  • Ice Magazine

    This magazine is sold at most major newsstands. It has information about various music that is being released on compact disc, including regular issues, promotional items and underground recordings (ie. bootlegs).

  • Home Recording Rights Coalition

    A group that lobby's for you to have the "right to be able to tape/record" on different medium.

  • Strange Fixation: Bootlegs Sound Recordings Enjoy the Benefits of Improving Technology by David Schwartz

    This research paper by David Schwartz is from the Federal Communication Law Journal, Volume 47, No. 3; it gives a very good overview of the history and legal implications of bootleg recordings.

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