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Love Is The Seventh Tape

The Ultimate Resource Guide of Audio Tape Lists of The Police


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On this page you will find an alphabetical listing of people who like to trade tapes of The Police, Sting, Stewart Copeland & Andy Summers. Hopefully this site makes it easier to find people who have similiar interests as you do.

Luca Benporat [e-mail] [website]

Antoni Carbó [e-mail]

Don Cassetori [e-mail]

Joris van Elk [e-mail] [website]

John Gerren [e-mail] [website]

Rogier van der Gugten [e-mail] [website]

Karel Van Isacker [e-mail]

José [Joe] Martín Ramallo López [e-mail] [website]

Erwin Kempen [e-mail]

Joost Koiter [e-mail] [website]

Chris Marlinga [e-mail]

Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez [e-mail]

Jon Messier [e-mail] [live concerts list] [rare and unusual tracks list] [tv and radio appearances / shows list]

Yves Moser [e-mail]

Gergely "Greg" Nagy [e-mail] [website]

Javier Olaizola [e-mail]

Chris Orange [e-mail]

Ross Peisel [e-mail] [website]

Luis Ramiro [e-mail] [website]

Martin Vauchel [e-mail]

Ricardo de la Vega [e-mail]

Bill Vaneghel [e-mail] [website]

Jack Weston [e-mail]

Giovanni [e-mail] [website]

Josh [e-mail] [website - tapes] [website - videos]

Martin [e-mail]

Okke [e-mail]

QUESTIONS? Drop us a note by email and we'll answer your questions right away.

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